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DUCTIG-ALPHA and wheeled robotics

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DUCTIG-ALPHA is a product designed for ventilation shaft inspection and cleaning.

It features full color HD video feedback and recording onto SD-card storage and carries pressurized air into the ventilation shaft to a pneumatic quick connector for cleaning tools, such as the popular air whip.

Robots are typically delivered in a hardcase with a 30m power and communications cable, a hand-held joystick controller, a monitor for video feedback and recording and a robot health and status display.

The robot is highly customizable and can be adapted in a variety of ways, for a variety of purposes.

The more common features and customizations:

  • Rugged polycarbonate chassis
  • Single cable for power, video and control
  • Adjustible weight
  • 12V, 180W reserve power under 4ch software/user control
  • LED headlights (10W and other configurations available)
  • 960P video and recording (dual camera option available)
  • Infrared night-vision (gives black and white video and full darkness)
  • Internal compressed air valve (up to 12 bar)
  • Foam or track wheels (variety of coatings available)
  • Four motor drive with up to 8kg pulling torque
  • Dongbu/Dynamixel servo control option

We will also design custom robots according to your requirements:

  • Custom size, shape and weight
  • Custom sensors
  • Wired or wireless with battery (WiFi, LoRa, others)
  • Two, three (omni) or four wheel designs
  • Rover or omnidirectional drive systems
  • Pneumatics and/or high power tooling carry capability